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Nebraska Left Coalition is an Omaha-based organization dedicated to educating, supporting, and building movements within and for the community. We believe in the right for every human being to live in freedom and dignity, true justice and equality. Human dignity is the basis for our political action as we call for the absolute destruction of all oppressive forces.

We believe in the elimination of class barriers and the right for all of the working class to own and regulate what we work so hard to produce. We believe that every person has the right to live fulfilled lives and have all of their basic needs met. This would mean that everyone has a right to housing, healthy food, education, healthcare, environmental sustainability and more.

We believe that there should be a system of government in which all the people collectively can participate in decision-making and have full democratic control over the economy.

We believe in an equitable justice system, liberated from state violence through police and other criminal justice institutions.

We affirm the lives of people of color, queer and trans people, undocumented people, women, non-Christian affiliated people, differently abled people, and those with records. We support all oppressed and marginalized groups in society in the fight for liberation.

We are dedicated to building a base for socialism by organizing with local community members. We have created several projects that serve the people and help to fight the power. We have community gardens, a free grocery, emergency care kits, education classes, a Little Free Library, and a dynamic podcast. We run social media sites with the goal of increasing the visibility of the issues within our nation. We support other local organizations working to address the needs of the community.  All of the work we do is for the community, by the community and within the community.

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