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We have created several projects that serve the people and help to fight the power. We have community gardens, a free grocery, emergency care kits, education classes, a Little Free Library, and a dynamic podcast. We run social media sites with the goal of increasing the visibility of the issues within our nation. We support other local organizations working to address the needs of the community. We are actively involved in the Marxist Center project that unites independent revolutionary socialist organizations from around the nation into the first nation-wide, non-tendency Marxist organization. All of the work we do is for the community, by the community and within the community.
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Our planet and society face an ecological and social turning point; increasing rates of biodiversity loss along with the pollution of earth’s atmosphere, water, and soil may threaten the sustainability of human life and society in the long term. Our modern, industrial food system contributes to much of the worldwide environmental damage by degrading soil and water quality and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. The modern food system has developed hand in hand with industrial capitalism, utilizing literal chemical weapons on massive fields of commodity crops found in most all processed foods today. This form of agriculture receives huge subsidies from the US government, while small scale sustainable farming diminishes more and more with each generation. While industrial agriculture has allowed food production to keep pace with the rapidly-expanding human population in the short-term, its ecological costs threaten food security and the survival of humanity in the long term. 

Nebraska Left Coalition is building organic community gardens, aquaponics systems, and urban chicken flocks to improve environmental and material conditions now and for future generations. While we are concerned with improving longterm ecological conditions, we are also concerned with meeting peoples' needs right now by providing access to free, fresh, organic, healthy produce, eggs, and meat. 


We believe that healthy food doesn't have to be just for the rich. Let's seize the means of production and grow our own! Get involved in our community gardens by emailing us today.

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The goal of the Nebraska Left Coalition's Community and Internal Welfare Program is to allow the working people of Omaha and the surrounding areas peace of mind during the heightened struggles within Capitalism. It is designed to provide nutritious and shelf stable food, personal hygiene, and child needs such as formula and diapers. Some of the items we carry include, but are not limited to, canned proteins, vegetables and fresh produce, baby formula, dental care, shampoo, conditioner, over the counter drugs, and other items as we discover what is needed in the community as a whole.


The future of our communities lay in self-reliance and working together as a community.

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Revolutionary Left Radio arose out of the early days of NLC. We knew that political education has always been (and will always be) an essential component of any effective political movement or organization, and Rev Left Radio was NLC’s attempt to fill that gap on the Left. Since the launch of Rev Left Radio in 2017, the show has grown well beyond even the most starry-eyed and optimistic predictions we had. We have surpassed a million downloads in its first year alone! We are humbled and proud by the growing reach of our show, but we also understand with that with a larger platform comes a larger responsibility. We at Nebraska Left Coalition and Revolutionary Left Radio take that responsibility seriously.
Revolutionary Left Radio is a podcast about communist philosophy, proletarian history, critical theory and revolutionary politics. We cover current events, activism, and the inevitable historical downfall of capitalism from a revolutionary leftist perspective.
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NLC is dedicated to empowering the community, and a key part of that is giving people the tools to organize themselves. For that reason, NLC places a strong emphasis on education. Our education efforts take many forms, including educational podcasts like RevLeft Radio, educational pamphlets and zines, and classes. Classes are almost always free. In the past NLC has hosted self-defense classes, a class on political philosophy, and offers budgeting personal finance. Members have also organized study groups, allowing people to study topics that interest them.

As time goes on, NLC hopes to offer additional classes on a variety of topics and that teach a variety of skills. Keep an eye out for future classes and events!

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